Insulation, Mineral Wool – NS: 1617

Should contain

  • Mineral wool or stone wool e.g.  Glava, Rockwool, ceiling boards, winter mats, sewn mats.

Should not contain

  • Insulation made of materials other than those mentioned above.
  • Other waste materials


The item consists of insulation from construction and demolition projects.


Hook lift containers.


Upon delivery, a visual check is performed at the waste reception facility before storage with another corresponding fraction. Insulation is placed in a separate cell at the waste disposal site.


Mineral wool and stone wool are taken to waste disposal sites since the quality is mostly too low a grade for manufacturers to use for the production of new insulation.


A sorting fee may be charged if the item is not sorted into a homogeneous fraction. If sorting is not possible, the entire delivery can be reclassified as residual waste.

Referral regulations

The insulation is inert and is not covered by the Waste Regulation.

You can download fact sheets in pdf format here!